What Is Emergency Management?

What Is Emergency Management?

Emergency management is designed to ensure the continuity of business operations during emergencies. It enables organizations to respond appropriately in the event of disruptions to critical business processes. Components of emergency management are emergency preparedness and emergency response. What is emergency management? Emergency management is part of the IT security strategy and has the task …

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What is IT Forensics?

What is IT Forensics

IT forensics is a subfield of forensics and deals with the methodical analysis of incidents on IT systems and the securing of evidence that can be used in court. The goal is to determine exactly what actions have taken place on an IT system and who caused or is responsible for them. What is IT …

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How to Hack an ATM

How to Hack an ATM

ATMs, also known as Automated Teller Machines or ATMs, have always been a popular target for attacks. This is a history of attacks on ATMs that starts with just blowing them open and extends to current malware attacks. ATMs have a grueling history. ATMs were first introduced in Ohio in the United States in 1959. …

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Resetting Passwords: So that The Password Reset Does Not Become a Backdoor Into the Network

Resetting Passwords So that The Password Reset Does Not Become a Backdoor Into the Network

When users forget one of their passwords, they report to IT administration, or they can reset it themselves. But if the password reset procedure is not implemented properly, it opens up opportunities for attack by cybercriminals. Privacy regulators offer tips on what to look for. Password problems, especially in the home office Who doesn’t know …

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What Is a Side Channel Attack?

What Is a Side Channel Attack

A side-channel attack does not directly attack algorithms or data. The attack method uses physical or logical side effects and tries to extract protected information or algorithms by observation and analysis. Electromagnetic emissions, energy consumption, the time required for certain functions, memory usage, and others are used. Side-channel attacks are costly and difficult to prevent. …

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What Are the Benefits of Personal Security Certifications?

What Are the Benefits of Personal Security Certifications?

CISSP, CSP, CEH: Security certifications for individuals. Some security practitioners smile at them, some job offers explicitly demand them. In any case, it’s not easy for anyone who wants to be certified as a security expert, because there are a large number of different certification bodies, training providers, and certifications. What are the benefits of …

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What is an APT (Advanced Persistent Threat)?

What is an APT (Advanced Persistent Threat)?

Advanced Persistent Threat is the term for a sophisticated persistent cyber threat. Attackers have the deep technical expertise and employ elaborate methods or tools. They are organized or state-driven. Targets of an APT are typically large enterprises, government agencies, or critical infrastructure operators. The focus of the attack is to obtain sensitive, valuable or secret …

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Vulnerability Scan Checklist

Vulnerability Scan Checklist

Vulnerability scans are particularly useful when they are an integral part of systematic vulnerability management. To ensure that ongoing IT operations do not suffer, administrators should approach the issue with caution. Vulnerability Scan Checklist Vulnerability scan checklists are an effective means of identifying critical gaps within the IT infrastructure. Most administrators make an effort to …

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What is Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS)?

What is VSaaS Video Surveillance as a Service

Video Surveillance as a Service is a cloud-based service. The software functions and services required for video surveillance, such as storage space for video recordings, computing power for video analysis, remote viewing applications, and management and security functions, are provided by a provider via the Internet. Locally, only video surveillance cameras are required. What is …

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What Is Physical IT Security?

what is physical security measures

Physical security is an elementary component of IT security. It includes measures to prevent hazards caused by physical impacts on IT systems. Physical security can, for example, protect against water damage, fire, or burglary. What is physical (IT) security? What is physical IT security? IT security is composed of the building blocks of technical security, …

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What is Spoofing?

what is spoofing in computer

The term spoofing covers various methods and technical procedures to disguise one’s own identity or to feign a false identity. Several types of spoofing exist, such as IP, e-mail, DNS, ARP, URL, or caller ID spoofing. Cybercriminals use spoofing to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data, perform unauthorized transactions, introduce malware, or cause other damage. …

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What is KRITIS (Critical Infrastructures)?

What is KRITIS Critical Infrastructures

KRITIS is the abbreviation for critical infrastructure. This classification of infrastructures includes facilities or organizations that are of high importance to the community and whose failure would have serious consequences for society and the state order. KRITIS operators must meet minimum IT security requirements, which are regulated in the IT Security Act, among other things. …

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Network Security Basics

Network Security Basics

Securing corporate networks requires administrators to make many decisions, plan actions and perform even more configuration steps. These include configuring the firewall, securing mail and web traffic, and selecting the right antivirus solution. This article shows which factors need to be considered and which approaches make sense. Network Security Basics Over the next few months, …

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