How to Stop CPU Changing Depth Chart Madden 23 A Comprehensive Guide

Madden 23 is a highly popular football simulation game enjoyed by millions of players around the world. One of the most frustrating aspects of the game, however, is when the CPU automatically changes your team’s depth chart without your consent. This can significantly affect your gameplay and disrupt your strategies.

But fear not, in this article, we will discuss how to stop the CPU from changing your depth chart in Madden 23. We will also cover tips, examples, comparisons, and advice on how to effectively manage your team’s depth chart and dominate the game.

Why Does the CPU Change Your Depth Chart?

How to Stop CPU Changing Depth Chart Madden 23 A Comprehensive Guide

Before we dive into the solutions, it’s essential to understand why the CPU changes your depth chart in the first place. The main reason for this is the game’s AI logic, which tries to mimic real-life situations and make the game more challenging. The CPU will adjust your depth chart based on player performance, injuries, and fatigue. In some cases, it may also change your lineup to exploit your opponent’s weaknesses or match specific formations. While this may add a level of realism to the game, it can also be frustrating for players who want complete control over their team.

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How to Use: How to Stop CPU Changing Depth Chart Madden 23

To stop the CPU from changing your team’s depth chart in Madden 23, you need to have a clear understanding of the game’s mechanics and features. Familiarize yourself with the different menus and options available in the game. Additionally, keep track of your players’ stats, injuries, and fatigue levels to anticipate any potential changes the CPU may make to your depth chart.

Understanding Depth Chart Management

Managing your team’s depth chart is crucial in Madden 23 as it directly affects your team’s performance on the field. To access your depth chart, go to the “Team” tab in the main menu and select “Depth Chart.” Here, you can see all the positions on your team and the players listed in each one. You can also make changes to your lineup by selecting a player and moving them up or down the depth chart.

Customizing your depth chart is essential to fit your playstyle and optimize your team’s performance. Consider factors like individual player stats, their preferred positions, and overall chemistry with other players when making changes to your lineup. It’s also helpful to have backup players at different positions to fill in for injuries or rest days.

Tips for organizing and customizing your depth chart:

How to Stop CPU Changing Depth Chart Madden 23 A Comprehensive Guide
  1. Keep an eye on player fatigue and injuries to anticipate potential changes.
  2. Save your preferred depth chart as a template to quickly load in case of any changes.
  3. Experiment with different lineups to find the best fit for your team.
  4. Utilize formation subs to have specific players come in for specific formations.
  5. Regularly check for roster updates, especially after trades or injuries.
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Strategies to Prevent the CPU from Changing Your Depth Chart

Saving your depth chart settings is an effective way to prevent the CPU from changing your lineup. To do this, go to the “Team” tab and select “Depth Chart,” then press the Triangle/Y button to bring up the menu. From here, you can save your current lineup as a template and easily load it back in if the CPU makes any unwanted changes. Additionally, turning off auto subs can also give you more control over your depth chart. If you prefer to make all substitutions manually, go to the “Settings” tab and turn off “Auto Subs” under the “Game Options” section.

How to Manage Injuries and Fatigue:

How to Stop CPU Changing Depth Chart Madden 23 A Comprehensive Guide

Injuries are unavoidable in any sports game, and Madden 23 is no exception. When a player gets injured, they will be automatically removed from your depth chart, and the CPU will make necessary adjustments to fill in the gap. To prevent this from happening, always check your injured players’ statuses and remove them from the depth chart manually before starting a game. Additionally, managing player fatigue is crucial, as tired players are at higher risk of getting injured. Make sure to substitute players when their fatigue levels are high, and rotate your squad to avoid overworking certain players.

Utilizing Formation Subs:

Formation subs allow you to set specific players to enter the game during certain formations. This feature helps maintain consistency in your lineup and ensures that players who are well-suited for a particular formation are on the field. To set up formation subs, go to the “Team” tab, and select “Formation Subs,” then choose the formation you want to make substitutions for and assign players to each position.

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Examples of situations where formation subs can be beneficial:

How to Stop CPU Changing Depth Chart Madden 23 A Comprehensive Guide
  1. Having a speedy wide receiver come in for long passes.
  2. Substituting a strong defensive player for goal-line formations.
  3. Bringing in a running back with good pass-catching abilities for shotgun formations.

Comparing Offline and Online Gameplay:

There are significant differences between playing offline and online games in Madden 23. In offline modes, the CPU’s AI logic is more predictable, and managing your depth chart is relatively straightforward. However, in online games, the CPU’s AI logic is more advanced, and it may make unexpected changes to your lineup. Therefore, it’s essential to constantly monitor your depth chart and adapt your strategies accordingly in online matches.

Challenges and Advantages of Managing Your Depth Chart in Online Games:

  1. Unpredictable changes made by the CPU during online games.
  2. Difficulty in maintaining consistency in your lineup due to trades or injuries.
  3. Opportunities to exploit opponent’s weaknesses through strategic use of depth chart.


Managing your team’s depth chart in Madden 23 requires a balance of knowledge, strategy, and practice. Familiarize yourself with the game’s features, keep track of player stats and injuries, and experiment with different lineups to find the best fit for your team. Utilizing tools like formation subs and saving your depth chart settings can also give you an advantage over the CPU. Remember to adapt your strategies based on whether you’re playing offline or online to effectively manage your depth chart and dominate the game.

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