What is IKEv2?

What is IKEv2

IKEv2 is the second version of the Internet Key Exchange protocol IKE. It is used in IPsec-based VPNs for automatic key management and eliminates weaknesses of the predecessor standard. The setup of VPNs is greatly simplified and more flexible. What is IKEv2? The acronym IKEv2 stands for Internet Key Exchange Protocol version 2. The protocol …

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What Is A Firewall On A Computer and In Networking?

What Is A Firewall

A firewall is a system that is capable of analyzing data traffic. It protects IT systems from attacks or unauthorized access. The firewall can be a dedicated hardware or software component. Literally translated, firewall means “firewall”. The term refers to an IT system that can analyze, forward, or block data traffic. This enables the firewall …

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How Does RADIUS Work?

How does RADIUS work

RADIUS stands for Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service and describes a service that authenticates and authorizes users in a dial-in network. RADIUS can also be used for the accounting of services. In companies, RADIUS is often used for user logon in WLAN networks. How does RADIUS work? RADIUS is a standard that is used in …

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What is IPsec Protocol?

What is IPsec Protocol

IPsec (Internet Protocol Security) is a collection of protocol extensions for the Internet Protocol (IP). The extensions enable encryption and authentication of information transmitted using IP and provide secure communication in IP networks such as the Internet. The acronym IPsec stands for Internet Protocol Security. It is a collection of several standards (RFCs) for secure …

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