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Whether you need a website for your personal needs, online sales, or other small business goals, Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting will boost your online presence in a minute. However, if you are still on the fence about this website builder, I’ve got you covered! I did the research and compiled all the information you may need, so you don’t have to.

Choosing the right website builder is essential for maintaining business success, online visibility, and customer loyalty.

Find out more in this Yahoo Small Business review, and I assure you that it’s well worth reading.

This article will cover the following points:

What Is Yahoo Small Business?

First, you should be aware that Yahoo Small Business website hosting is not listed as one of the best hosting providers. But the good news is that the service is sincere, and when they tell you that you can pick a theme in minutes and build your functional website for free—it’s TRUE!

Yahoo Small Business is an online Web Hosting service that is very easy to use and highly reliable. It is a cloud-based platform that offers various tools to build your personal or professional website.

As part of the Yahoo Small Business brand, Yahoo Web Hosting was created in August 1998. Nevertheless, it is no longer part of Yahoo since Verizon Media—an American multinational technology company—acquired Yahoo’s operating business for approximately $4.48 billion in cash, back in 2017.

You should consider Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting if:

Before you read this review, it is vital to be aware that Yahoo Small Business hosting solutions come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can always request a refund.

Yahoo Small Business Main Features

Firstly, let’s see how you can benefit from this hosting web service.

Yahoo Small Business offers reliable website building tools. These include WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and more. In addition, you can customise several website templates, from restaurants and food to fashion and beauty, or you can build your pages from scratch using premade sections.

If you plan to build a website using Yahoo’s starter hosting plan, keep in mind that the plan does not allow you to use databases manually. So your only option would be to upload a static site or use the company’s template-based site builder.

What you also get is multiple email inboxes at no extra cost. If, however, you need a lot of storage space for high-quality images and videos, or if you wish to customise your website in great detail, Yahoo Website builder might not be ideal.

On the other hand, you can feel highly secure because SSL certificates protect the information users submit on your website.

Moreover, you can easily add these elements to your website: forms, maps, social badges, social sharing, photo gallery, and audio features. You can also install your own CMS tool, database, or management tool.

If you wish to track analytics, you can easily do so! With Live Insights, you can see how customers navigate your website and receive personalised recommendations that can help boost traffic.

If you have some concerns, you can also access Yahoo Small Business customer service 24/7. However, in a range of online customer testimonials, you’ll find that their customer service is not the most reliable.

Now, let’s look at the main features of this hosting web service:


Unfortunately, there’s NO cPanel!

But, Yahoo small business control panel is available! It includes a file manager, backup and restore module, tools for setting up domains, managing databases, installing SSL certificates, and so on. However, it doesn’t come close to matching cPanel’s power or range of features.

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Site Builders

All three plans include site builder tools, but the site builder is your only option on the basic plan. The other two plans allow you to use advanced site builder tools or third-party website design scripts. For example, you can build a website using alternative scripts like WordPress. However, WordPress’ functionality is minimal.

Moreover, this service offers you just enough templates so that you don’t get confused. Additionally, templates are well organised into the following types:

Once you choose a template, you need to give the site a name. Next, the site builder interface appears.

Domain-Specific Email Addresses

You can manage your domain email and create websites using your web address. In terms of email management, they have a large email storage room so you don’t have to empty your email box.

Overall, Yahoo Small Business provides quite a good feature for managing and organising business emails. You can easily delete user emails, and adding emails for more than five users is available for only a small fee.


Yahoo Small Business results in an average score of 99.85 % in the Uptime Test. Its best result was 100.000 %, while its worst was 82.778 %.

When your website loads quickly, visitors will immediately have a positive impression of you and your business. In contrast, it could be the most frustrating scenario for your customers if your site goes down. They will leave your website immediately, and your organic traffic will decrease. You don’t need to worry though, because Yahoo is incredibly stable with excellent uptime.

SSL certificate

SSL certificates allow businesses and organisations to secure online transactions and keep customer information private and secure. In addition, it protects internet connections and prevents criminals from reading or manipulating information transmitted between two systems.

Web Hosting, WordPress hosting, Website Builder Basic and Professional plans include SSL Manager. In addition, account owners and administrators can enable the SSL certificate. The SSL certificate must be valid for both the root domain (e.g. and the www subdomain (e.g.


The process of adding a blog is easy and takes only a few steps. Simply add a section and choose your blog layout. However, it would be better for you to link your WordPress blog to your Yahoo site.

Second, there is no separate interface for blogging. Instead, you must use the standard site builder interface and features. For every blog post element (Edit image, body text, subtitle, author) you must choose Edit from a menu.

Unfortunately, posts cannot be scheduled, subscriptions cannot be set up, and comments cannot be left. In addition, there is no search within the blog or keyword tagging.

Text Boxes and Widget Section

First, be aware that Yahoo does not offer a store of widgets from third parties.

But, the standard font, style (bold, italics, regular), and spacing options are available. However, if you tap on the text box or select some text, you see two control boxes.

The following types are Header, Services, Team, Forms, Bio, Social, and Testimonial. Whenever you select them, a preview thumbnail appears.

Moreover, there are just four widgets to choose from: OpenTable reservations, PDF embeds, Google Calendars, and SoundCloud audio tracks. A dialogue box often asks whether you want to use the original section style or apply the website style when adding items to your site pages.

Template design

Yahoo offers a wide selection of templates, and you can customise the styles on the page and add premade blocks and sections.

The gear icon at the left of the editing page also gives you some design choices for your overall website. With this, you can make your website wide or narrow and make font choices for menus. Also, you can change the menu layout (vertical or horizontal, left or right) or set the page background to a solid colour or an image.

Page Types

Yahoo Small Business offered four types of pages: Our Story, Our Story 2, Info, and Gallery. In addition, the Pages bar at the top left of the builder allows you to manage pages or add them to your site.

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Custom Forms

Yahoo Small Business gives you the ability to create customisable forms, including fields like drop-down menus, input Field or checkboxes in a form. Once you create your custom form, you can then assign it to one or more Work types.

24/7 Customer Support

The Yahoo Web Hosting technical support team provides 24/7 support for all plans, which is excellent if you need assistance outside of regular office hours. In addition, there are clear instructions on the website and a phone number to call or submit a ticket.

Before contacting support, it’s a good idea to log into your account. By doing so, the team will be able to identify the account you’re talking about in your ticket.

Yahoo Small Business Services and Hosting

Shared Hosting

Yahoo’s shared Web Hosting plans are incredibly affordable. However, the company doesn’t offer VPS or dedicated hosting.

WordPress Hosting

The good news is that you can activate and install WordPress if your hosting plan supports it! All you need to do is sign in to your ‘My Services’ page and follow the instructions. In addition, Yahoo’s WordPress hosting range supports unlimited website installations but lacks several WordPress-specific features.

For example, there is no plugin updating scheme, no staging, no special performance optimisations, etc. It’s all fairly ordinary, and so is the price: $4.81 a month(around £3.63) on the annual prepaid plan.


You can build your website if you just pick a theme, personalise it, and go live. There is no coding required. Every theme you pick will look great on both desktop and mobile.


Yahoo Small Business’ templates provide your customers with an excellent shopping experience. Furthermore, you can get all the tools you need, such as a shopping cart, order management, domain name, email addresses, and SSL certificates.

Do you want to increase your sales? Of course! To give your customers more payment options, you can add the PayPal Smart Payment Buttons. That way, you can show your shoppers relevant payment methods, including PayPal, Venmo, PayPal Credit, and more.

Moreover, Yahoo separates e-commerce hosting websites into entirely different categories (stores instead of websites) and offers unique pricing plans for each.


A free website and personalised email are included with every domain registration. But, your domain must point to an existing website when you sign up. Also, make sure you get added security to prevent unauthorized domain transfers. It’s important to know that whenever you register a private domain, you should not disclose your contact information.

The most popular extensions for your domain are:

Speed and Performance

Speed Test (Uptime)

Yahoo’s speed performance could be improved, but in general, you won’t have to wait for your website to load. Yahoo Small Business averaged 3.84 seconds in the Speed Test, which is not great. However, its best result was 2.00 seconds!

Server Response Time

While Uptime was 100%, the average response time was below par at 403ms. To get a better idea of what that means, the response time of the best providers is typically half of that.

Yahoo Small Business Prices and Plans

First, if you are a small business owner looking for a professional website, you should consider Yahoo Small Business website hosting, and the best thing you can do is set up a free consultation with a Yahoo Small Business representative and tell them what features you want your website to have. So simple, and you can get your professional website for $499(about £376.29)!

You’ll get a domain, SSL certificate, copywriting, updates, maintenance, SEO best practices, website analytics, email, and one-on-one training. With Yahoo Small Business Websites, you can create a website with up to 10 pages and 20 images as part of this plan. Additionally, monthly content updates are included.

Now, let’s take a look at the pricing plans:

The Free plan on the Yahoo Small Business website builder is great if you are looking for a simple site for a short-term project. It offers unlimited pages and even built-in SEO functionality on a page-by-page basis. However, free accounts come with 3GB of storage, unlimited pages, and SSL certification. But logically, there are some disadvantages of a free plan, including limited storage and minimal integrations.

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Pricing options include the Basic, Advanced and Premier option. The Basic option is $2.92(approximately £2.20) per month. It offers all the tools needed for a personal, mobile-friendly site, including a free domain, up to 10 site pages, 100 GB Disk storage, 100 GB Month/Data transfer, 250 email addresses, 100 subdomains, and backup and storage. Also, your website will have advertisements.

The Advanced option, which is $4.22(roughly £3.18), is ideal for increasing traffic and establishing a solid digital presence for your business. It includes a free domain, up to 25 site pages, 500 GB Disk Storage, 500 GB / month data transfer, 500 email addresses, 500 subdomains, backup and restore, Secure FTP file manager and Password protection are all included.

The best option is Premier, which is a $5.22(about £3.94) deal for sites with heavy traffic, multiple pages, and videos.

It also includes a free domain, unlimited site pages, disk storage and data storage, 1000 email addresses, 500+ subdomains, backup and restore included, Secure FTP file manager included, password protection included, private domain registration included.

With the Premium plan ($999 (around £753.34) one-time fee, plus $299 (approximately £225.47) per month), you’ll get unlimited pages and images, social media integration, competitor analysis, and support for animation and video backgrounds. You’ll also get 180 minutes of content updates per month.

Basic Plan Advanced Plan Premier Plan £2.20 £3.18 £3.94

Privacy and Registration Process

One of the most significant advantages of this web hoster is that you can get up and running on the platform in just two steps. Pick your theme, enter your information to create your account, and you’re set to go!

Let’s revise everything in more detail:

Firstly, when you go to the official website, click on the button called “Explore Plans.”

Yahoo Small Business | CyberCrew

Next, choose a plan.

Yahoo Small Business | CyberCrew

Then comes the most exciting part: picking your domain name!

Yahoo Small Business | CyberCrew

If your domain name is available, you just have to click the button “Add to Cart.” Here is what you will get:

Yahoo Small Business | CyberCrew

At the top, you can see that your domain name will be available for one year! That’s truly a fantastic offer!

Yahoo Small Business | CyberCrew

After that, sign up and get things rolling—as Yahoo Small Business says!

Yahoo Small Business | CyberCrew

Yahoo Small Business Competitors

Yahoo Small Business vs GoDaddy

Yahoo Small Business free plan offers an SSL certificate, while GoDaddy asks you to pay for it. However, GoDaddy provides a unique interface, while Yahoo Small business lacks that feature.

But still, Yahoo Small Business is more affordable since GoDaddy doesn’t offer the cheapest deals. With the essential add-ons (backups and SSL certificates), GoDaddy becomes even more expensive.

Yahoo Small Business vs BlueHost

While Bluehost developers have designed a comprehensive and easy-to-use control panel with a unique interface to manage everything in one place, Yahoo Small Business’ managers decided not to support the cPanel feature.

Both web hosting services have excellent server Uptime, up to 99%. On the other hand, BlueHost is better for WordPress sites, while WordPress’s functionality is minimal when it comes to Yahoo Small Business.

Yahoo Small Business vs A2 Hosting

While A2 Hosting enables you to manage your site through cPanel, Yahoo Small Business doesn’t support the cPanel feature.

On the other hand, both hosting companies have an excellent Uptime of 99.9%. Furthermore, A2 Hosting offers dedicated hosting services, but they are slightly overpriced.

Yahoo Small Business Customer Reviews

Overall, Yahoo Small Business customers seem satisfied with the services, stating that the software is advanced, especially for a business email.

Yahoo Small Business User Reviews | CyberCrew

Yahoo Small Business User Reviews | CyberCrew

Yahoo Small Business User Reviews | CyberCrew

Some of the testimonials stated that it had been a great benefit to their company. It has helped them increase productivity by compiling all the company’s information in one place.

Wrap Up

One thing is sure: you should have a clear vision of how you plan to build and market your business before you choose a web host. It will directly affect your revenue and customer long-term loyalty.

Yahoo small business is not the best secure Web Hosting company, but it will surely meet your needs for a straightforward website that works for you or your business.