InWin Introduces Innovative Cases with Flat-Pack Designs and Modular Frames

InWin has consistently raised the bar with its innovative and captivating case designs. At CES , InWin unveiled a series of new PC cases that epitomize this commitment to ingenuity and aesthetic excellence.

Among the highlights are the modular PC chassis and the adjustable flatpack case, each offering a unique approach to customization and system-building versatility.

POC One: Upgrading the Flatpack Experience


With its latest addition to the POC line, InWin introduces the POC One, an upgradable and versatile flatpack case that streamlines construction while maintaining structural integrity.

Enhanced Convenience and Robust Construction

The POC One distinguishes itself with pre-linked panels, simplifying the assembly process and resulting in a sturdier chassis. Handles are strategically placed at the case’s top and sides, offering both portability and alternative positioning options. Whether you prefer a horizontal or vertical orientation for your system, the POC One accommodates your needs.

Color Combinations and Component Compatibility

Initially, the POC One will be available in two striking color combinations: a bold black with vibrant orange accents and a refined blue-silver fusion. These color combinations elevate the case’s aesthetic appeal, adding a touch of vibrancy to any setup.

The POC One readily accommodates mini-ITX motherboards and boasts three PCI-E expansion slots. Additionally, it supports GPUs up to 335 mm in length, 62 mm in thickness, and CPU heatsinks up to 140 mm in height – ample headroom for high-performance hardware. PSUs up to 160 mm in length are comfortably housed within the case.

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Specifications and Accessories

The POC One’s dimensions measure 11.9 x 8.3 x 16.2 inches (L x W x H), striking a balance between compactness and spaciousness. While pricing information is yet to be disclosed, InWin showcased an optional acrylic front panel at CES, providing a captivatingly mysterious, fogged look into the case.

Modular PC: Customizable Cooling and Storage Solutions

Moving beyond traditional case designs, InWin breaks new ground with its modular PC chassis that empowers users to tailor their systems based on specific needs.

Adaptable Cooling and Storage Options

The modular PC chassis stands as a testament to flexibility, allowing users to prioritize cooling, storage, PSU placement, or GPU orientation. This modular design empowers users to create systems that meticulously align with their performance and aesthetic preferences.

Effortless Maintenance and Unparalleled Versatility

The modular PC’s simple, tool-less assembly process enables effortless maintenance and upgrades. Components can be accessed and removed without the hassle of traditional screw-based systems. The chassis offers boundless possibilities, accommodating configurations ranging from compact builds to full-tower setups – a true shapeshifter in the world of PC cases.

Cooling Efficiency and Airflow Management

InWin’s modular PC accommodates a plethora of cooling solutions, ensuring optimal thermal performance. Multiple mounting locations for fans and radiators provide comprehensive airflow management, catering to the demands of even the most power-hungry hardware configurations.

Elevating the PC-Building Experience


InWin’s latest case designs represent a quantum leap in customization, functionality, and aesthetic expression. The POC One redefines flatpack cases with its simplified construction, versatile design, and eye-catching aesthetics, while the modular PC ushers in an era of unparalleled adaptability and cooling efficiency.

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These innovations cater to the evolving needs of PC enthusiasts, empowering them to build systems that truly reflect their individual style and performance requirements. As these cases make their way to the market, InWin sets the stage for a new era of PC-building experiences, where creativity and customization reign supreme.

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