ASRock’s Mini-ITX Motherboard Supports Intel Core i9-14900K Unveiling the Phantom Gaming B760I Lightning Wi-Fi

In PC building, compact and powerful systems have gained immense popularity, catering to enthusiasts seeking space-saving solutions without compromising performance. ASRock, renowned for its innovative motherboard designs, introduces the Phantom Gaming B760I Lightning Wi-Fi, a remarkable Mini-ITX motherboard poised to redefine the possibilities of high-end PCs in a compact form factor.

With support for Intel’s top-tier Core i9-14900K processor, a robust voltage regulating module, and comprehensive connectivity options, the Phantom Gaming B760I Lightning Wi-Fi sets a new standard for compact gaming and content creation machines.

The Essence of Compact Power: Unlocking the Potential of the Intel Core i9-14900K in a Mini-ITX Form Factor


At the heart of the Phantom Gaming B760I Lightning Wi-Fi lies the LGA1700 socket, ready to accommodate Intel’s latest 12th and 13th generation processors. This motherboard’s true strength shines through with its ability to unleash the full potential of the range-topping Core i9-14900K, a formidable processor known for its exceptional performance in both gaming and demanding creative applications.

Despite its compact size, the Phantom Gaming B760I Lightning Wi-Fi doesn’t compromise on power delivery, boasting a 14+1+1 phase voltage regulating module (VRM) concealed beneath substantial heatsinks.

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This robust power design ensures stable overclocking headroom, allowing enthusiasts to push the limits of their high-end CPUs without sacrificing stability.

Unparalleled Memory and Storage Capabilities: Unleashing the True Power of DDR5 and NVMe SSDs

Complementing the potent processor support, the Phantom Gaming B760I Lightning Wi-Fi boasts two DDR5 memory slots, capable of accommodating up to 64GB of high-speed memory. This motherboard supports the latest DDR5 standard, unlocking the potential for blazing-fast data transfer speeds and reduced latencies, resulting in enhanced responsiveness and smoother multitasking operations.

For storage, the Phantom Gaming B760I Lightning Wi-Fi features an M.2-2280 slot with a built-in heat spreader, providing ample space for high-performance NVMe solid-state drives (SSDs). This interface offers lightning-fast data transfer speeds, dramatically reducing load times for games, applications, and large files.

Additionally, two SATA ports are available for connecting traditional 2.5-inch HDDs or SSDs, offering flexibility for expanding storage capacity.

Comprehensive Connectivity: Uniting the World of Peripherals, Networks, and Media

The Phantom Gaming B760I Lightning Wi-Fi motherboard excels in connectivity, catering to a wide range of peripherals, networks, and media devices. A PCIe x16 slot stands ready to accommodate powerful graphics cards, enabling immersive gaming experiences and smooth handling of graphics-intensive applications.

An array of USB ports, including USB 3.2 Gen 2 and USB 2.0, allows for the seamless connection of peripherals, external storage drives, and other devices.

Networking capabilities are well-addressed with the inclusion of a Wi-Fi 6E + Bluetooth adapter, delivering blazing-fast wireless speeds and reliable connectivity.

Gigabit Ethernet connectivity is also available for wired network connections, providing stable and high-speed data transfer for online gaming and media streaming.

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Exceptional Features and Design: Enhancing the User Experience


1. Enhanced Audio: Beyond Standard Onboard Solutions

The Phantom Gaming B760I Lightning Wi-Fi elevates the audio experience with its ALC1220 audio codec and Nahimic Audio software. This combination delivers crystal-clear sound quality, immersive spatial audio effects, and customizable sound profiles, enhancing the overall entertainment experience during gaming, music listening, or movie watching.

2. Robust Cooling Solutions: Ensuring Optimal System Stability

To ensure stable operation under demanding workloads, the Phantom Gaming B760I Lightning Wi-Fi employs a comprehensive cooling solution. The motherboard’s VRM and M.2 SSD slots are covered by substantial heatsinks, effectively dissipating heat and preventing thermal throttling.

This cooling solution ensures that even during intense gaming sessions or heavy multitasking, the system remains cool and performs at its peak.

3. Aesthetic Design: A Fusion of Style and Functionality

The Phantom Gaming B760I Lightning Wi-Fi motherboard exudes a captivating aesthetic, combining stylish elements with functional design. Its black and silver color scheme radiates elegance, while the prominent Phantom Gaming logo adds a touch of gamer-centric flair.

The sleek DIMM and M.2 slot covers enhance the overall look, making this motherboard a visually striking centerpiece for any compact gaming or content creation build.


ASRock’s Phantom Gaming B760I Lightning Wi-Fi motherboard sets a new standard for compact high-end PCs, skillfully merging exceptional performance, comprehensive features, and a compact form factor.

Its support for Intel’s 12th and 13th generation processors, robust power delivery, exceptional memory and storage capabilities, and extensive connectivity options make it an ideal choice for both casual users and demanding enthusiasts.

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With its enhanced audio capabilities, robust cooling solutions, and captivating aesthetic design, the Phantom Gaming B760I Lightning Wi-Fi delivers a truly immersive and seamless computing experience.

This motherboard empowers users to create compact yet remarkably powerful systems, capable of handling even the most demanding games, creative applications, and multimedia tasks.

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