Nigerian Bloggers can start a Website with cheap WordPress Hosting in the new SeekaPanel by SeekaHost

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic many things have moved online such as studying, working, and shopping. And blogging has arisen as more than just a hobby while many top bloggers and influencers earn respectable incomes via the Internet.

If you aim to become the next Linda Ikeji, whose name has over 673,000 searches per month online with over 4 million followers on Instagram, then you need to build your personal brand with a blog. You can see how internet entrepreneur Fernando Raymond, who is the CEO of SeekaHost, started out with a blog and now runs two successful online businesses.

It has been reported that .ng domains are three times more expensive than .com, .org or .net domains and this is reflected in the low number of only 80,000 .ng domains having been registered in 2017 according to the Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA).

Therefore, many Nigerians mainly register the most popular .com domains because they understand the global reach and trust of this extension.

Now that starting a website is only a matter of minutes and a few dollars with SeekaHost, anyone can set up a website easily for business, e-commerce, or monetization purposes with the new web hosting control panel SeekaPanel.

You can register a .com domain for just $5.99, which means that in Nigeria you will only have to invest about NGN 2400. And the domain registration takes 45 seconds inside the control panel, which makes starting a blog as affordable and fast as never before.

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Blogging is one of the best ways anyone in Nigeria can get started online with very little investment. The cheap WordPress hosting by SeekaHost starts at $1 for the starter plan, which can be purchased inside the SeekaPanel with just one click once the domain is registered.

So, how can you get started?

Buy a Domain Name & WP Hosting with the SeekaPanel You can check everything you need to know about cheap .com domain registrations first to identify the best domain name of your choice. If you are planning on blogging, then you could turn your personal name into a brand and your domain name. This is very likely to be still available.

You can then follow these 5 steps to register a domain name in Nigeria in under 1 minute:

  1. Visit
  2. Search for the domain name and you will land on
  3. Select the domain name and add it to your cart.
  4. Proceed to sign in or sign up if you are new to at
  5. Enter your details and purchase the domain name.

Once purchased, you can see your registered domain name inside the portal under the domains tab.

To get your domain live on the internet you need to pick a WordPress hosting plan suitable for you:

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After you have purchased the WordPress hosting plan, you can host your domain by installing WordPress to your domain name with the 1-Click WordPress installer in less than 5 minutes.

Start by changing the name servers as instructed by SeekaHost. You can also find video tutorials in the knowledgebase inside the SeekaPanel. Activate the SSL Certificate for free and your domain will be secured.

Then head to your WordPress site login page by clicking on the login link in your email notification from SeekaHost. Enter the username and password included in this email to access the WordPress dashboard.

Now you can get started with building your WordPress blog site and you can see how easy it is here step by step:

Why start a Blog with the SeekaHost WP Hosting Manager in Nigeria?

  • You can register most domains in a few seconds and as many as you want
  • You can install WordPress on your domains, which is the most recommended CMS for blogs as it is also free
  • You can buy the cheapest WordPress hosting or unique multiple class IP hosting for blogs if you’re looking to build a blog network
  • You can host your domain in a few minutes
  • You can check website analytics data via integrated tracking tools
  • You can install or delete your sites or upgrade/downgrade hosting plans whenever you like
  • You can migrate your blogs from one host to another for free
  • You can manage and access all your blogs in a single interface
  • You can access resources inside the panel to help with blog creation, SEO and online marketing. The SeekaPanel is the ideal solution for all Nigerian bloggers as it is easy and fast to use and cheaper than most domain registrars and hosting services providers in the market.About SeekaHost: a web hosting provider with a difference Offering web hosting services since 2000 this company has grown and expanded over the last five years under the management of SEO agency ClickDo, providing a wider variety of web hosting services like SEO hosting, PBN hosting, before being registered as a limited company in 2018. It now is an established web host offering services all over the world and innovating new hosting solutions.

    SOURCE SeekaHost Contact: Manuela Willbold, PR strategist, ClickDo and SeekaHost,