How to Disable BitdefenderTemporarily/Permanently

How to Disable Bitdefender

If you are a Bitdefender user, you might have faced the need to disable it temporarily or permanently. Disabling the antivirus software may be required to install new software or resolve compatibility issues. However, disabling the antivirus software can also expose your computer to security risks. This article will guide you through the process of … Read more

What Is an Underlay Network?

The underlay network provides the physical network infrastructure for one or more logical overlay networks. It is responsible for establishing the basic connectivity of network subscribers and delivering data packets. Based on an underlay network, overlay networks can be used to provide logical topologies, custom routing, and additional network functionality. An underlay network provides a … Read more

OSINT tools for hosts, ports and more

Security with Open Source – Part 2 OSINT tools for hosts, ports and more providers on the subject Various open source tools are available to check hosts and ports, most of which also run completely in the browser. This allows the security settings of servers that use an Internet connection to be tested very quickly. … Read more

What are sunburst and supernova?

Definition Sunburst | supernova What are sunburst and supernova? providers on the topic Sunburst is the name of malware that was injected via manipulated source code of the Orion network management software from SolarWinds. The SolarWinds supply chain attack became public knowledge in late 2020. According to SolarWinds, the manipulated software was installed around 18,000 … Read more

What is a CIO (Chief Information Officer)?

Definition CIO | Chief Information Officer What is a CIO (Chief Information Officer)? providers on the topic The chief information officer is the head of information technology for a company. He is responsible for the planning, further development and operation of IT consisting of hardware and software systems. The CIO is located in the upper … Read more

Automated Pentesting?

Automation is the future Automated Pentesting? 12/01/2022 By Sebastian Brabetz providers on the topic Cyber ​​criminals are constantly developing new methods to hack IT networks and access data. Keeping up is not easy for IT admins. Automated Security Validation is a solution that can do just that. The worsening situation in cybersecurity and the shortage … Read more

What is the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF)?

Definition Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework | OCSF What is the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF)? providers on the topic The Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework is an open source project from currently 18 companies active in the IT security environment. The project aims to provide more cyber security with the help of open standards and a … Read more

What is the Diamond Model of Intrusion Analysis?

Definition Diamond Model of Intrusion Analysis What is the Diamond Model of Intrusion Analysis? providers on the subject “Diamond Model of Intrusion Analysis” is the name of a model that can be used to describe and track cyber threats. The model uses the four dimensions attacker, infrastructure, ability and victim to describe security events. Graphically, … Read more

What is metadata?

Definition metadata What is metadata? providers on the topic Put simply, metadata is data about other data. They contain information about characteristics of other data and can be used in many ways. They can be used, for example, to index or search databases. Search engines use meta information from HTML pages for indexing. Metadata stocks … Read more

ChatGPT – The new tool of cybercriminals

The danger of using AI software increases ChatGPT – The new tool of cybercriminals 03/30/2023 A guest post by Frank Thias providers on the topic The superstar in the AI ​​industry is currently called: ChatGPT. The open source tool already automatically creates texts for millions of people. But cybercriminals have also used it to scan … Read more

Zero Trust – May contain remnants of trust

Trust is good, control is better Zero Trust – May contain remnants of trust 02/02/2023 By Istvan Lam providers on the subject A warning on Zero Trust packaging could read something like this. While the concept of trusting nobody and nothing is true when it comes to IT, the basic truth remains: There is no … Read more

Website privacy is about more than cookies

Site compliance Website privacy is about more than cookies providers on the subject It was not just the Telecommunications Telemedia Data Protection Act (TTDSG) that put cookies on the agenda of website operators. But as important as the data protection-compliant use of cookies is, there are other data protection requirements for websites that are often … Read more

What is the Purdue Reference Model?

Definition Purdue Reference Model What is the Purdue Reference Model? providers on the topic The Purdue Reference Model is part of the PERA methodology (Purdue Enterprise Reference Architecture) designed in the 1990s. It is a reference model for automation and industrial networks. The reference model provides useful help in protecting operational technology (OT) from cyber … Read more

What are microservices?

Definition Microservice What are microservices? providers on the subject Microservices are small, independent services that each provide a specific functionality for an application. In their entirety, they form the application including its application logic. A microservice-based application is an alternative to a monolithic application. Microservices are an indispensable element of cloud-native applications. They are often … Read more

Quantum Computers – It’s better to be safe than sorry

A Quantum of Reason Quantum Computers – It’s better to be safe than sorry 03/20/2023 A guest post by David Chaum providers on the topic The next big thing or even the harbingers of the IT apocalypse: quantum computers are hotly debated. While the technology has been researched for decades, it is – still – … Read more

The 10 best OSINT tools for 2023

Analyze threat data with OSINT The 10 best OSINT tools for 2023 providers on the topic With open source intelligence tools, there are various tools that can be used to use publicly accessible information sources to identify weak points in your own network. In this article we show 10 interesting tools for 2023. We present … Read more

What is an API?

Definition Application Programming Interface | API What is an API? providers on the topic API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is an interface for programming applications. Commands or information can be structured and exchanged with a defined syntax via this interface. The connection of applications or program parts takes place at the source code … Read more

What is a neural network?

An artificial neural network is inspired by the biological neural network. It abstracts how it works in a mathematical model and consists of interconnected neurons. With artificial neural networks, various tasks can be solved computer-based. An artificial neural network can be trained and learns independently. Artificial neural networks are a subfield of artificial intelligence. In … Read more

What is LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol)?

The Link Layer Discovery Protocol works on layer two of the OSI reference model and is specified in the IEEE 802.1AB standard. Neighboring devices in a network can use the protocol to exchange information. The devices store the information they receive in their Management Information Base. Typical applications of the protocol are troubleshooting or network … Read more

What is Log4Shell (Log4j vulnerability)?

Log4Shell is the name of a zero-day vulnerability that became known at the end of 2021. It is based on an injection vulnerability in the Log4j Java logging framework used for many services and products. The BSI classified the risk caused by the security gap with the highest possible value. Attackers can use the injection … Read more