The History of Web Hosting – How it All Started

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Have you ever asked yourself how web hosting came to life? Just like the tremendous increase of web users in the current world, the need for web hosting services is becoming something we can’t neglect in our daily lives. Most experts reveal InterServer hosting provider is the one that includes a lot of benefits and always on the lookout to come up with new web hosting services as well as educate their audience on the best web services that would skyrocket their needs.

If you look back from the past, you will find out that industry experts have a lot of knowledge on the various best web hosting services. These didn’t start where they are today.

With that said, let us take some time and travel back in the days to discover the vast and exciting history of how web hosting started and the fascinating beneficial advantages of having your web-hosted. And remember, it is always recommended to get it right when finding a hosting service that can even offer email services because you will need to generate leads to your subscription list.


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The history and start of web hosting services timeline

Web hosting didn’t start the same as it is these days. In fact, according to webmasters, some enhancements and developments came to life throughout the years when web experts were trying the try and error methods just like the world’s famous mathematicians.

To help you understand the web hosting timeline history, here’s a backtrack record of how things started and the popular web hosting masters that brought web services to life and light entirely.

The History of Web Hosting

The famous Tim Berners Lee’s creation of the World classical web in 1989

It was in 1989 when the world was introduced to the World Wide Web service which was commonly referred to as the WWW. Initially, this service was part and parcel of the CERN, which is a leading European organization that is known to deal with nuclear research projects and data tremendously. They had named the project that gave birth to the first world’s web hosting services ENQUIRE.

From the greatest mind of Tim Berners – Lee who was by then a renowned British scientist had addressed the world earlier about the needs of an automatic and reliable system that would be used to share information between scientists from different parts of the globe.

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He aimed to help scientists around the world to be able to have a reliable and convenient means of communication. That is when and how web hosting came to life.

In that same year, Lee came up with the first world comprehensive website that was hosted by his computer, which was a version of NeXT. This first website’s characters and functioning were basics that mostly included accessing vital data between him and the team of nuclear experts.

To date, you’ll hear that his laptop is still under care by the new members of the nuclear research projects team.

1991 – When the World Classical Web was introduced to the Whole World

When the first web hosting services and websites were brought to life, there were restrictions for these services to be introduced to the world by the leading authorities by then who came from the National Science Foundation. These folks lifted the restrictions concerning Lee’s WWW hosting services.

The same year, there was another invention on web hosting, but this was entirely about Lee trying to give his laptop by then the ability of language. It was when HTML computer language was invented. At the same time when a computer language was born, URLs started to be used in determining web addresses and locations.

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Because people started seeing great achievements in the world of electronics, many brands and companies began creeping their heads and hands into wanting to know what was happening. That is when Lee’s project was permitted to be introduced to the world.

1993 – When the First World’s ever Web became a Public Domain