How Do I Add Additional Websites To My Web Hosting Package?

All of our Web Hosting packages come with 1 cPanel account where depending on your package you ordered, have the ability to host multiple websites/domains:

  • Starter Cloud – You can host 1 website

  • Plus Cloud – You can host 7 websites.

  • Turbo Cloud – You can host Unlimited websites.

  • Business Cloud – You can host Unlimited websites.

To setup an add-on domain, simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Login to cPanel

Step 2: Click Addon Domains:

Step 3: Create an Addon Domain:

  • New Domain Name: This is where you enter the domain you’d like to add. You’ll need to make sure you’ve already registered it.

  • Subdomain: By design, cPanel must create a “subdomain” that points to the actual domain. This field will automatically populate once you enter the step above, most often this does not need to be changed.

  • Document Root: This is where the files for your addon domain will live. This field will automatically populate once you enter the step above, most often this does not need to be changed.

  • Create an FTP account: If you’re wanting to upload your files through a third-party FTP program, or give access to a developer, you can tick this option to create a FTP account independent from your other websites.

  • Click Add Domain.

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Step 4: Upload Your Files

Once the addon domain is created, you’ll see it listed like this:

If you click on the Document Root, it’ll redirect you to cPanel’s File Manager where you can manually upload the files from your computer.

If you just want to redirect this domain to your existing website, you can click Manage Redirection and set that up there.

If this is a new website and you want to install an application such as WordPress, you can follow these instructions and you’ll see the new domain in a drop-down menu.

Step 5: Update The New Domain’s Name Servers

Once you have your website files uploaded, you’ll then need to update the name servers of your newly added domain to match your hosting account. Please see this article for a detailed explanation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’m setting up a website for a client of mine, how can I give them a unique cPanel login? – Unfortunately this is not possible. All of our web hosting packages come with 1 cPanel account which if for a single client. The only way you can give a third-party access, would be to give them your master login, which is not a good idea. If you’re needing to setup web hosting for other clients, it’s recommend you purchase a Reseller Hosting package.

  • Are the name servers for my add-on domain the same as my primary domain? – Yes. You will use the same name servers assigned to your primary domain, but it’s important to not update them until you’ve moved over your website files (if this is for an existing website).

  • If I install WordPress on my add-on domain, will it have it’s own wp-admin area? Yes. The WordPress installation will be unique to your add-on domain, hence you will have a unique wp-admin URL.

  • Do my add-on domains count against my account usage? Yes. If you plan on adding many add-on domains, you may wish to make sure you’re on our Turbo or Business package as they have more resources to power multiple websites.

  • Are my add-on domains included in the complimentary backups? Yes. Our complimentary nightly and weekly backups include your entire cPanel account, which means your add-on domains will also be backed up.