The difference between UNIX and Windows Web hosting

The difference between UNIX and Windows Web hosting

Difference between UNIX and Windows Web hosting If you are looking for web hosting information to guide you in choosing web hosting or some help with web hosting issue then our easy to follow web hosting guides are here to help you.

When you create a website with multiple web pages, it must be stored somewhere on the Internet so that viewers can view your website and all its internal pages. The perfect web hosting company provides various web hosting packages and services in which you can store your web pages on their servers so that internet users can access your website from any part of the world. Whether you are looking to learn more about web hosting and its types, shared web hosting, dedicated web hosting, VPS web hosting, control panels, MS SQL, ASP.Net, ColdFusion and many more. You are bound to find some really good information, here is the difference between UNIX and Windows Web hosting

This blog is a guide about Windows Web Hosting What is Windows Web Hosting? Windows on the web is hosted on a web server that uses Microsoft Windows server software as its operating platform. Windows, a graphic-based, multi-tasking operating system, plans are useful in the field of dynamic content creation and database functionality. Windows hosting plans give you the ability to use many forms of dynamic content and specialized databases.

Windows web hosting

Windows Web Hosting gives a company the ability to design websites using the popular Windows operating system.

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This allows development using technologies such as Active Server Pages (ASP), COM, and the newer .NET infrastructure. Our Windows Web Hosting Showcase shows Windows Web Hosting companies that offer Windows Web Hosting services at an affordable price.

General Windows Web Hosting Features Distributor accounts are available Manage multiple domains with one control panel SmarterMail Pro email server with advanced web-based email Gene6 FTP Server – Advanced FTP Services Integration with SimpleDNS and Microsoft DNS Server SQL 2000 and SQL 2005 optional services Integration with MySQL Server SmarterStats and AWStats statistics servers Support for ASP, NET, Perl and PHP. Python and Net 2 support Add/Edit/Remove services like Web, Email, DNS and FTP. View disk space and bandwidth usage statistics bandwidth

Management Features As an administrator or vendor, you can view, modify, and remove domain and domain registrations for any user in the system. Add/Remove Domains Search for domains by domain name FTP Account Management Use Helm’s File Manager to manage website content online. Create and manage virtual directories Secure site folders Add/remove aliases and subdomains Use Helm’s DNS Zone Editor to manage DNS zone records (A, MX, CNAME, etc.) Add/remove databases and database users with Helm Database Manager. MySQL allows backup, download and restore for end users) MIME types management Manage custom error pages Install/Remove and Manage FrontPage Extensions Install/Remove Shared SSL Configure website settings, including support for plugins like ASP/PHP/Perl/etc, directory browsing, permissions, etc. View disk space and bandwidth usage information IIS virtual document management Manage parent IIS paths routing field

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The difference between UNIX and Windows Web hosting The difference between UNIX and Windows Web hosting For all intents and purposes, they both accomplish the same task…the task of presenting your web pages to the world. We prefer that our clients use UNIX based web servers, and as such, this is the default when the client adds a domain name to their backup account.

We recommend that our customers use a Microsoft® web server only if they specifically require Microsoft ASP® markup or Microsoft Access® databases. Both Linux/Unix and Windows can handle high-traffic websites and add-ons like chat rooms, email, and website stats with ease. The biggest differences are price and software compatibility.

Since Windows must be purchased and licenses renewed constantly, Windows hosting plans are usually more expensive than Unix-based plans. Also, Unix-based plans often come with free email, databases (MySQL), statistics, and community software. In contrast, Windows plans come with Microsoft software (MS SQL, for example) that the host company must purchase.

Both Linux and Windows operating systems can run popular programming languages ​​such as PHP, Perl or java. If your website uses active server pages, hosting it on a Windows server is less risky. Well, it can still work on a Unix server; There may be some small gaps that do not appear immediately.

Likewise, if you are using Microsoft SQL databases, most Windows plans will support these databases. However, Linux or Unix plans often include MySQL, which requires converting your databases to this format in order to function properly. If you are currently using any Microsoft programming (especially Active Server Pages) or third party applications (MS SQL 2000), you may want to play it safe and choose a Windows hosting plan.

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Under low stress conditions, Windows and UNIX servers have very similar performance, but under high load, UNIX far outperforms Windows.


UNIX handles high server loads from Windows; UNIX systems rarely require a restart, Windows needs it constantly. UNIX can run stably for a long time compared to Windows server, and UNIX uptime is longer.

Compatibility: If you design and program a website under a UNIX server, you can easily host it in a windows server, but the opposite is not always possible; Avoiding windows languages ​​(ASP, ASP.NET, etc.) and databases (Access, MS SQL) is the best option.

price: Any server hosting a website requires an operating system and licenses; Windows 2003 and applications like SQL Server cost a lot of money; On the other hand, UNIX, usually Linux, is free to download, use, and run. This is the difference between the price; UNIX hosting will always be cheaper than Windows hosting.


Unix hosting is more stable, has better performance, is more compatible, and is cheaper than Windows hosting plan. I always recommend UNIX hosting. You will only need Windows hosting if you intend to develop in ASP, .NET, or VB. At the end of this article we will know the difference between UNIX and Windows Web hosting