Mobile Security in The Telecom Network

Mobile Security in The Telecom Network

Only 53 percent of smartphone users in Germany have installed software to protect against cyberattacks on their cell phones, according to a study by the. At the same time, the number of malware programs discovered is increasing daily: There are now more than 15 million malware programs for the Android smartphone operating system alone, according to the Federal Office for Information Security. That’s why Telecom now wants to put an end to insecure smartphones on the network side with a new offer.

Mobile Security in The Telecom Network

Telecom, in cooperation with Check Point Software Technologies, is now offering the “Protect Mobile” security solution for smartphones. This is designed to intercept threats already in the Telecom mobile network. At the heart of the solution is the security app, which serves as an information center for users.

Protect Mobile acts as a firewall in the Telecom mobile network, detecting and warding off cyberattacks before they can even reach the smartphone. Outside the mobile network, the security app protects by sounding the alarm in the event of threats and transparently highlighting dangers. On the mobile network, the app provides information about averted threats.

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In addition, the app displays error messages, warns of risks, and gives concrete instructions on what the user should do in the event of an error or threat. The app requires little storage space, has an intuitive user interface, and according to Telecom, also puts hardly any strain on the battery.

“Security solutions have to be simple to be used. And there is no simpler solution than automatic protection by the infrastructure itself. With this product, we are revolutionizing mobile security for our customers,” said Dirk Backofen, Head of Telecom Security, about the new solution. “We are proud to partner with Deutsche Telecom. With this partnership, we can protect the mobile devices of millions of customers against increasingly sophisticated threats and stealth attacks,” emphasizes Amnon Bar-Lev, President of Check Point Software Technologies.

Protection against malware, phishing, and data theft

Protect Mobile aims to protect smartphone owners from Internet threats at home and abroad: The protection in the Telecom mobile network automatically identifies viruses, worms, or Trojans and fends them off. In addition, Protect Mobile blocks dangerous websites already in the Telecom network.

Apps are checked for security vulnerabilities before they are downloaded. Whether for online banking, surfing in the browser or in social networks – with Protect Mobile, users are effectively protected from cyberattacks both on the move and in the WLAN at home with their mobile devices.

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Registration and installation

Installing Protect Mobile is a straightforward two-step process for Telecom customers. First, they add the security product to their existing mobile communications contract. In the Telecom mobile network, complete protection is automatically in place. Then they download the Protect Mobile security app from the App Store. This alerts them, for example, when surfing via hotspots if it has detected threats.

New customers and customers who extend their existing mobile communications contract by a further 24 months are automatically activated for a one-month trial phase of “Protect Mobile” and only need to download the associated app. At the end of the free month, interested parties can add the paid version.

Price and availability

The app is available immediately for mobile devices with the Android and iOS operating systems. Telecom offers Protect Mobile in cooperation with the company Check Point Software Technologies. Telecom mobile customers can add the service for 95 cents per month.

The product can be canceled at any time at the end of the month and has no fixed contract term. To use Protect Mobile, customers must have an Internet-enabled smartphone and a mobile communications contract with an Internet option from Deutsche Telecom.