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Wait… What Templates?

Before I get all nerdy on you, let’s cover the basics: Squarespace works more or less how you’d expect. You can choose from 140+ preset designs, customize them to your liking, and go from there. These preset designs cover the needs of just about every major industry in 14 different categories, from blogs to weddings. Yeah, I wish I could say “from A to Z,” but they don’t have any categories that start with either letter.

You can just pick a template and go, and if you change your mind, you can alter the design at any time. You can’t just switch to a new preset, exactly, but you can change yours drastically if you want to. These preset designs are mobile-responsive, and they’re designed to be adapted to any needs you might have.

Let me make my opinion abundantly clear: these pre-made designs are pretty. They trend toward a sort of flat, Apple-style minimalism – but then, so does the whole platform. That minimalism is Squarespace’s “thing.”

But if you don’t find a template that matches what you’re looking for, don’t worry. You’re not limited to Squarespace’s default designs. You can customize them all, or hire people to do it for you. You can also have a highly customized version of a template built for you, if you use Squarespace’s developer platform. You’ll just have to pay for it.

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Now let’s go a little deeper. Technically speaking, Squarespace only has one “template.” Well, you might call it a “template framework.”

Nerd time!

Once upon a time, Squarespace was like every other site builder. There were a bunch of different site templates, which were supposed to cover just about every need you could think of. On the technical side of things, each template was its own separate pile of code.

For Squarespace, that meant updating every single template whenever a new feature came out on their platform. For the user, it meant that some templates were far more flexible and customizable than others, and they all had their limitations. If you wanted to build a highly specialized website, that was fine. If you wanted to expand that website, there were potential complications.

Enter Squarespace version 7.1. Now, all templates are actually just variations on the same template – the same big pile of code – which is the same “framework” I was referring to earlier. This framework is designed to be highly flexible and modular, so you can build almost any sort of layout you want, and use any colors and fonts you want – the whole works.

For the developers at Squarespace, this means their whole platform is way easier to work with. For you, as a user, this means you can actually change the entire look and feel of your site in just a few clicks. The changes can be as radical or as subtle as you like, and you won’t lose all of your content.

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It’s a good system. But if you want to, you can actually choose to still use an older version of Squarespace, with all of their old templates. So that’s cool too.