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What is a domain name?

A domain name is a name that uniquely identifies a website or brand online. It works a bit like a Physical Address. For instance, our office location is Moi Avenue, Development House, 10th Floor, office number 13. This address would help you come directly to our office without asking for directions. Just like a physical address, a domain name helps users come directly to your online address (Your Website or email address) without requiring any other directions.

Parts of a Domain Name

A domain name has two parts, the name and the Extension.

The name is usually the brand name or the name that you would like your website identified with.

The extension is a set of characters that distinguish the type of domain name you have and the location where the domain name is registered. There are many types of extensions but the most popular domain name extensions in Kenya are: .com,, .org. .ke, .io etc

  1. hostpoa is a domain name that uniquely identifies the hostPoa Website and is the extension .

Here is a short description on what a domain name is…

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What is a domain name?

A domain name is a domain name of a company or entity in Kenya. The domain name is issued by the Kenya Network Information Centre (KENIC) which is a government agency. Anyone can buy a domain… Buy Here and it only take about 10 minutes to register. domain names work best for businesses that sell their products to Kenya since your customers are able to identify that you are Kenyan and not an international company. So if you have a business in Kenya and you are looking to get cheap web hosting, you can choose to buy a domain name to improve your visibility in Kenya.

How to Choose a Good Domain Name in Kenya

When choosing a domain name, you need to be careful since you are determining how your business will be identified online. Your domain name is your online identity and the choice of name can greatly affect how your website performs. A poorly picked domain name would make clients get lost and not know if this your business or someone else that has registered the same name.

.com or

The first question you need to ask yourself is if you will go with or .com.

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Advantages of domain name vs .com domain

  • You will have a local identity that sets you apart from other international domain names. This will give you an advantage in Kenya
  • You will have higher ranking on SEO when someone is looking for content related to what you offer but with a focus on Kenya (eg. when someone is googling shoes in Kenya, a domain is more likely to rank higher than a .com domain.
  • Your customer will have more confidence with you when they see that you have a domain name since they know that you are nearer than an international business
  • You can only buy a domain from a local web hosting company. This means that you will have more supp
  • domain names are cheaper than .com domain names so you will have an easier time paying.
  • even when you have a name that is similar to international domains that are already taken, you may find that the version is still available.

Disadvantages of domain name vs .com domain

  • You may not be viewed as relevant in other countries. You will therefore be appealing to the Local market but not the global market.
  • domain names have a local feel and your customers, even in Kenya may take a .com domain more seriously than a domain
  • Most of the Kenyan registrars only accept M-Pesa as the only means of payment. This may be a disadvantage for you if you live abroad.
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