Learn How to Transfer Emails from One Hosting to Another Account ?

Have you purchased a web hosting account from any hosting service provider company? And now you are having a good number of email messages on your Hosting mail server. Are you not satisfied with the current email service and want to switch to another provider? If Yes, then keep reading this blog and know How to transfer Emails from One Hosting to Another Account.

“Few days before, one of my friends called me and asked me for the solution to move emails from one web Hosting to another. He said that he has created the custom email folders to manage and organize the emails and have email messages in all those folders. As we know that moving data from one server to another is not quite easy as it is about the whole website or databases.

To transfer emails from one Hosting to another, I recommended him Email Backup Wizard. It is the best and safe solution to migrate from one host to another. So, I am going to explain the complete or step by step process for those who want to accomplish this task.”

How to Transfer Emails from One Hosting to Another ?

Watch this online tutorial to easily understand the working process of the tool. In this video, you will get to know about each and every functionality of the software.

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Please follow the steps mentioned below to move emails from one Hosting to another.

1. Download the application from the button given below:

2. Run the software from the left panel, please select IMAP Server.


Note: The tool also provides the common hosting services in the email source list such as GoDaddy, HostGator, etc. So, if you are using the same then please select the same.)

3. Enter the credentials such as (Email Address, Password, IMAP Host) and click on Login button.


4. Choose IMAP as file saving option.


5. Enter the credentials of another Hosting account and click on Backup button.


6. After clicking on Backup button, the tool instantly starts creating a backup from one hosting to another.

Note: The demo edition of this software is good for checking the working and functionality of the software. It only supports to create the backup of 25 data items. Please go with the cost-effective licensed edition for the limitless migration.

Why Choose Third-Party Tool to Move from One Hosting to Another ?

It is a professional software to move emails from one Hosting to another. With this software, one can easily migrate multiple emails from one email account to another without losing a bit of information. During the migration, it maintains each and every email property and provides the exact migration. The tool comes up with so many attractive features:

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Move Complete Database: This application provides you the complete migration from one Hosting platform to another. It allows you to transfer emails from one Hosting to another along with all the attachments.

Supports Multiple Languages: It successfully supports multiple languages. One can easily change the default language as per their requirements.

Safe and Secure Application: It is the best and safe tool to move your email accounts from one Hosting provider to another.

Perform Selective Migration: With this incredible solution, one can easily select those folders from which you want to migrate data to another platform.

All Windows OS Supportive: It is a Windows-based application which can be easily operated on any edition of Windows Operating system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quest 1: Can I use this software to convert from GoDaddy hosting platform to another?

Ans 1: Yes, the tool supports to transfer emails from any Hosting provider including GoDaddy.

Quest 2: I have a large number of emails in my HostGator account and now I want to switch it. Is this software support the same?

Ans 2: Yes, you can easily perform such type of migration using the best Email Backup Application.

Final Words

By coming to the end of this blog, I must say that to migrate from one Hosting account to another, this above-suggested software is the best option available. Hopefully, this blog will help those users who wanted to move emails from one Hosting platform to another without losing any information.