How to create a WordPress site in cPanel with InMotion?

The installation of WordPress on web servers has been extremely easy with all kinds of auto-installers nowadays. You do not bother downloading the WordPress installing package from WordPress official site. Your web host should have the latest version of WordPress added to your hosting control panel. We have showed how you can get WordPress up and running with various web hosting services either using WordPress auto installers or manually before. For example, this tutorial reviews the easy steps to create a WordPress site with Bluehost, and this guide to set up a WordPress site manually Today, we will demonstrate how to build a WordPress site using Softaculous auto installer with InMotion web hosting. Softaculous is widely used in the web hosting industry and it has helped millions of users install applications by the click of a button. Check out below instructions you will see how easy the WordPress installation could be even for beginners. Honestly this is the easiest way you can set up a WordPress site on a live server so far.

How to create a WordPress site or blog?

Log on your account management panel with InMotion hosting. Then choose cPenal where you can manage all your website stuff, such as website, files, database, emails, FTP, domain, and many more. There are mainly two steps to set up a WordPress site using the auto installer. First of all, you need to add a domain or subdomain to your control panel. If you have already done that, you can skip this step. Secondly you need to launch the auto installer and choose the domain or subdomain to install WordPress to and follow on-screen tips until you finish.

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Step 1. Add domain or subdomain in cPanel

Locate the Domains section in cPanel home page, click Subdomains to create a new subdomain if you like to install WordPress blog or site with a subdomain. If you like to build WordPress site with a top level domain name, click Addon Domains to adding new domains to your hosting account. You can find more details from this guide to add domains and subdomains to cPanel with Inmotion.

manage domains and subdomains in cPanel with inmotion hosting

Get a free domain for WordPress

Note that it is free to create a subdomain with your existing domains and InMotion hosting offer one free domain with each hosting account. If you still have the free domain credit, you can register a new domain free of charge with InMotion hosting. You can find more details about InMotion web hosting here.

inmotion hosting

Create WordPress site without a domain

For deployment purpose, you may want to set up the WordPress site before adding your domain. Suppose you have an existing domain name which points to an old site and you want to build a new website with WordPress. You can firstly build the WordPress using this domain without updating its DNS. You just add the domain name to your new hosting account, but not change its name servers or DNS records from your registrar end. Then find out the server IP address in cPanel, and emulate the DNS change on your computer. By doing so, you can test your website on live server without a valid domain.

Step 2. Install WordPress automatically using Softaculous installer

From the home screen of your cPanel, scroll down to the Software and Services section. Locate and click Softaculous, you will then find a huge collection of all kinds of auto installers for blogs, portals, forums, wikis, social networking, Ad management, calendars, gaming, emails, eCommerce, polls and surveys, and more. You can find the WordPress installer from the home screen of Softaculous where all tops applications are listed. You can also click Blog category from the left menu and find WordPress installer from there. Mouse on WordPress, then click Install button to get started with WordPress auto installation. The softaculous WordPress installing page is a bit long, you will need to scroll the page in order to view the full content. To help users understand how the WordPress auto installer works, we merged several screenshots together as below. Note that you can leave most fields or boxes as default. Scroll down to the bottom, we have more details included. install wordpress using softaculous installer Software Setup Choose Protocol: The default value is “http://”. If your site has SSL, then please choose the HTTPS protocol, either https:// or https://www. Otherwise, choose http:// or http://www. The “www” prefix matters, if your WordPress site installed to domain with “www”, all your website pages will load with www as the prefix in the URL.

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Choose Domain: you can choose an existing domain or subdomain in your hosting account.

In Directory: If you want to install WordPress to the domain root or subdomain root, leave this blank, so you can access your WordPress site without any folder after the domain or sub-domain. For example, you can access your WP site by visiting other than

Database name: Softaculous will generate a name automatically. You can change it optionally.

Table Prefix: leave it as default, or change it for added level of security.

Site Settings Site Name/Site Description: you can leave them as the default and change it later from WordPress dashboard.

Admin Account Admin Username: choose an WordPress admin account username, we recommend you to change the default admin account username for higher level of security. Admin Password: set password for WordPress administrator account, use a strong password. Strong password can resist guessing and brute-force attacks. You will see the password strength below. Admin email: email to receive all kinds of notification from your WordPress site, such as new comment notification, new user subscription, etc.

Choose Language Select Language: choose your preferred language for the WordPress site.

Select Plugins Currently the Softaculous WordPress installing package recommends the plugin to limit login attempts. It can protect your site against brute-force attacks. You can enable it now if like. You can also skip it now and install it or other similar plugins later from WordPress dashboard.

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Advanced Options: by default, they are disabled, you can enable the auto upgrade according to your preference.

Email installation details to: Beneath the Install button, there is an option “Email installation details to”. You can input your email address there, so the WordPress installer will send you all the technical details about this WordPress installation, such as installation path, WordPress site URL, admin URL, admin email, admin username, admin password, database name, database password, etc. In fact, you do not need to input your email account here if your email address in the hosting account is a valid one. By default the Softaculous installers will send a copy of installation details to the email address in your hosting account.

Click the Install button, your WordPress site will be installed in a matter of seconds. You will see the congratulations about the successful installation with your WordPress URL and admin URL. Now you can log in your WordPress control panel to start writing and posting. It is just that easy.