Activate and set up Windows Hello for Business

With Windows Hello and Windows Hello for Business, Microsoft also offers services for Windows and the cloud that allow logging in without passwords. They are based on authentication apps and biometric devices, for example notebooks. With Windows Hello, Microsoft has long supported the possibility of authenticating oneself on notebooks or computers with special webcams, PINs …

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Identity and Access Functions Combined: Microsoft Introduces Entra Product Family

Identity and Access Functions Combined Microsoft Introduces Entra Product Family-

In its new Entra product family, Microsoft is focusing on secure access to networked worlds. To this end, Entra includes identity and access management, cloud infrastructure entitlement management, and identity verification. According to a blog post by Joy Chik, corporate vice president of identity at Microsoft, Entra is intended to pursue a new, comprehensive understanding …

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Mobile Device Management With Microsoft 365

Mobile Device Management With Microsoft 365

Companies that rely on Microsoft 365 also receive basic mobile device management functions. These can be used for Android devices and also for iOS/iPadOS. In many cases, however, companies here rely on Microsoft Endpoint Manager/Intune features. Basic Mobility and Security enables the basic management of smartphones and tablets as part of the connection to Microsoft …

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What Is Home Office?

What Is Home Office?

Homeoffice is a form of telework that can be performed as telecommuting or alternating telecommuting. The work is performed completely or partially from private premises. Contact with the company, colleagues, or customers takes place via telephone, e-mail, and other Internet services. The IT and communications equipment required is a telephone, PC or laptop, and an …

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What is TEE(Trusted Execution Environment)?

What is a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)?

A Trusted Execution Environment creates an isolated environment, sealed off from other applications and data, for the protected execution of applications or the storage of data that requires protection. The environment can be implemented on the main processor, a dedicated processor, or a special chip. Common application areas are smartphones. For example, in some devices, …

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Users Completely Screened

Users Completely Screened

With Oxygen Forensic Detective, Oxygen Forensics delivers software that can be used to extract and analyze data from mobile devices, SIM cards, memory cards, drones, and IoT devices. With the solution, the manufacturer is primarily targeting investigators, intelligence agencies and companies. In the test lab, the forensics tool was able to show what it is …

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New Trend: Phishing via SMS

Phishing via SMS

The smartphone has become the constant companion of our modern society. That’s why it’s important not only to beware of fraud and hacking on the computer but also to include mobile devices such as cell phones. Unfortunately, smishing – phishing via SMS – is a growing trend. New trend: phishing via SMS Patrycja Tulinska, Managing …

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What Is a Password Manager?

What Is a Password Manager

No user can remember complex passwords, but password management systems can easily accommodate many combinations of any letters, numbers, and special characters. Password managers for managing access data and passwords are therefore an important security measure in the online world. What is a password manager? No one should have to remember complex passwords anymore. Password …

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What is WireGuard?

What is WireGuard

WireGuard is a still very young technology to realize secure and powerful virtual private networks (VPNs) with little effort. It is an open-source protocol and software that is intended to provide an alternative to established VPN solutions such as OpenVPN or IPsec. WireGuard was developed with the goal of making VPNs easier and providing an …

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What is EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management)?

What is EMM Enterprise Mobility Management

Enterprise Mobility Management is a holistic approach to managing a company’s mobile devices, applications, and data. EMM is designed to enable the secure and efficient use of mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets for enterprise applications. Components of EMM include mobile device management, mobile application management, and mobile information management. What is EMM (Enterprise …

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What is WebAuthn?

What is WebAuthn?

WebAuthn enables the authentication of users without a password. It is a W3C standard based on public-key methods and the use of factors such as biometric features, hardware tokens, or smartphones. Numerous browsers, operating systems, and Internet applications already support the method. What is WebAuthn? The term WebAuthn stands for a standard published by the …

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VPN Encryption is Not Useful For All Scenarios!

VPN Encryption is Not Useful For All Scenarios!

Data protection scandals, security breaches, hacking, and various mass surveillance scenarios have led users to worry about their privacy on the Internet. They often then turn to VPN services, but they are not always useful. VPN encryption is not useful for all scenarios The Internet is seemingly becoming an increasingly dangerous space for its users. …

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The 10 Riskiest IoT (Internet of Thing) Devices

The 10 Riskiest IoT Internet of Thing Devices

When it comes to vulnerable IoT systems, many first think of modern smart devices like digital assistants or smart watches. Yet the greatest risks lie with typically unmanaged IoT devices in the smart building, healthcare, network and VoIP, and operations technology sectors. A recent study by ForeScout reveals which IoT devices pose particular risks. The …

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